Life at RIT

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Students learn to ice skate at a party sponsored by Global Union, and student organization at RIT.

Campus Life

Getting involved in extracurricular activities helps students make friends and become integrated into the vibrant campus community. Graduate students may join academic and professional organizations, cultural and ethnic clubs, and many other associations on campus. RIT frequently hosts a variety of musical and theatrical activities on campus, including the Dance Company, Jazz Ensemble, Gospel Ensemble, and Philharmonic. Meetings and events will take place in Java Wally's coffee house on campus, the Student Life Center, and the ESPN Zone in the Student Alumni Union. Wherever students’ interests fall, from art to music, literature, politics, science, or sports, they should find others at RIT who share their enthusiasm and an activity to fulfill it. Visit or for more information.

On-Campus jobs

As a large University, RIT offers more than 8,000 on-campus jobs each year. International students may hold part-time jobs on campus, not to exceed 20 hours per week due to US government regulations.  The Student Employment Office (SEO) coordinates campus jobs, and students may register with the SEO upon enrollment in classes.  Students on F-1 or J-1 visas may not work off-campus without the permission of the International Student Program Coordinator or The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Visit for more information.

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Students from OASIS, the Organization for the Alliance of Students from the Indian Subcontinent, compete in Unification, an annual event that highlights multicultural dance and song.

Clubs and Organizations

Student Affairs currently hosts 300 active clubs, 12 major student organizations, and 32 Greek-letter organizations on campus. RIT welcomes and embraces all of its unique, student operated clubs and organizations. Visit for more information.


Serving approximately 6,000 students, RIT's campus housing offers many living options including residence halls and apartments to meet the diverse needs, interests and backgrounds of RIT students. On-campus accommodations are available to graduate students (and their families) on a space-available basis.

Housing operations also provides general information on off-campus housing options:


RIT provides transportation across campus throughout the day and evening, with shuttle bus service between the campus and local shopping areas. Taxis and the regional public bus service also serve the campus from a variety of locations, including several major off-campus apartment complexes. Visit for more information.

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Students from the Dominican Republic celebrate their graduation day.

Food Service

RIT's food service program administers several cafeteria dining options around campus and can accommodate many different dietary requirements such as vegetarian, Halal and Kosher. Visit for more information.

Religious Life

RIT considers spiritual growth an important element in the development of the whole person. Members of various faith traditions work together to serve the spiritual, ethical and personal needs of RIT’s students, faculty and staff, with Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu services offered, as well as for the deaf and hard of hearing. Greater Rochester also has houses of worship representing a wide variety of faiths, including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. Visit for more information.

The Campus

RIT, the top 15th largest private university in the US enjoys a spacious and open 1,300 acre suburban campus comprised of over 230 buildings, including classroom and administrative buildings, laboratories, residence halls / apartments, student centers, dining halls, athletic facilities, etc, as well as nature trails, forever-wild green space and wooded areas. Visit for more information.

Rochester and the Region

RIT’s campus sits adjacent to the city of Rochester, located in the western part of New York State, about 585 km from New York City and 300 km from Toronto, Canada.  Known as the

World's Imaging Center, Rochester boasts a comfortable living environment, with museums, entertainment, sports, and beautiful natural attractions. Several Fortune 500 companies call Rochester home, including Xerox, Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, etc, and Rochester serves as an important exporting center for the US.  The region enjoys four distinctive seasons, averaging 26 degrees Celsius in the summer and 0 degrees Celsius in the winter. Visit for more information.