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RIT graduate students Yusuke Takahashi, left, and Zhonghua Yao test a nano-fiber structure they are developing as part of a project to reduce particle accumulation in the channels of micro devices. The technology takes inspiration from the fibers of the lotus leaf which passively remove debris from the plant's surface.

RIT offers more than 200 comprehensive and innovative academic bachelors, masters, and PhD programs in diverse disciplines, in the following general areas:

  • Arts, Design, Graphic Design, Film, Photography
  • Business, Service, Hospitality
  • Computing, Information Sciences, Technology
  • Education, Psychology, Human Resources
  • Engineering, Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Multidisciplinary Professional Studies
  • Sustainability

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RIT graduate programs emphasize the mastery of research in many fields. Through the administration of scholarship, fellowship, and research funds, RIT encourages graduate students' high-level participation in research. A sampling of research centers on campus includes: Information Technology Lab, Center for Business Ethics, Center for Digital Media, Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies, Center for Quality and Applied Statistics, Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery, Image Permanence Institute, International Business Center, RIT Research Corporation, and the Technology Management Center.

Research at RIT