Enthusiasm and commitment to teaching are undeniable characteristics of RIT’s faculty.

At RIT, you’ll interact with faculty members who have extensive teaching experience and are internationally respected for their contributions to their respective disciplines. Through their professional activities, including applied research and consulting, our professors stay at the forefront of their fields. Our well-connected faculty can help you be at the right place at the right time.

Experienced faculty members teach in every program, and we don’t rely on graduate student and teaching assistants. At RIT, you’ll be taught by exceptional and accessible people who are interested in you. This is a place where faculty enjoy interacting with students—not only in class or during office hours but in the dining halls, in the coffee shop at the library, or at the Student LifeCenter. It’s a friendly but challenging environment, and our faculty’s approach to teaching makes it so.

While their primary emphasis is on teaching, faculty members also work in other ways to make RIT an outstanding university. Their active roles in business, industry, publishing, and research bring RIT worldwide recognition, and inspire exciting learning opportunities.

Here are a few examples of our outstanding faculty including some who have won the prestigious Eisenhart Award for Outstanding Teaching:

Elizabeth Lane Lawley

Elizabeth Lane Lawley, an associate professor in RIT’s information technology department, is a well-known authority in Internet usability and behavior. She coauthored the popular guide Internet Primer for Information Professionals and wrote the “Choosing an Internet Trainer or Consultant” chapter in the best-selling Internet Unleashed. Her current teaching and research interests focus on the development of social computing, including blogs, wikis, and real-time chat environments.

Jeff Kozak

Also an Eisenhart Award winner, Jeff Kozak teaches in the department of mechanical engineering’s aerospace option. He is a faculty adviser to the METEOR project, a student-led team attempting to launch a space satellite. His inspiration as a teacher is his own family: “My parents put great value in a college education, and I attempt to honor their efforts - by providing the best education I can to my students.”

Margaret Bailey

Margaret Bailey is the Kate Gleason Endowed Chair and Associate Professor in mechanical engineering. Margaret conducts research in several areas related to energy conservation and energy conversion, and strives to involve both undergraduate and graduate students in her research activity in order to enrich their educational learning experiences. In addition, she helped create the Women in Engineering (WE@RIT) Program, an outreach effort that provides support to female engineering students while reaching out to girls in grades K-12 to encourage them to explore engineering careers.

Andrew Phelps
Andrew Phelps, associate professor of information technology and director of game design and development, is in a whole other world when it comes to gaming. His collaborative simulated universe, Multi-User Programming Pedagogy for Enhancing Traditional Study, or MUPPETS, has been incorporated into the information technology and computer science curriculum at RIT and several other universities. Microsoft Research representatives say MUPPETS is one reason why “RIT is outshining other universities and generating an abundance of highly skilled graduates for hire in the game industry and beyond.”
Manuela Campanelli

Professor Manuela Campanelli was part of a team that put none other than Albert Einstein to the test. She was drawn to RIT because of its supercomputing power, which was called on when she and her team simulated the merger of two black holes. The simulation solved the interrelated equations that were the basis of Einstein’s theory of general relativity for strong field gravity.

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