Unique cross-disciplinary Ph.D. programs that advance research, education and innovation.

Why pursue a Ph.D.?

  • Creates more opportunities in the field of higher education, the public sector and private industry
  • Develops a solid foundation for career success and mobility
  • Provides opportunities to contribute to society through research
  • Improves career marketability and increases earning potential
  • Ensures greater likelihood for leadership and supervisory positions.

Why get a Ph.D. at RIT?

The Rochester Institute of Technology stands at the intersection of pure research and applied science. That place is innovation. Our programs seek to answer the questions and apply the answers to the betterment of humankind. Our programs are multi-disciplinary and collaborative in nature, allowing students to cross traditional boundaries. Our collaborations cross the boundaries between academia, the private sector, and government in order to give our graduates the best opportunity to resolve significant new problems. Our faculty members are known world-wide for their research and our students go on to very successful careers.

General Admission requirements for RIT’s Ph.D. programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above with coursework and/or experience in the subject area
  • Passion, drive and self-motivation
  • Eagerness to discover new things
  • Desire to become intellectually engaged in a specific field

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Ph.D. Student Research

story photo

In 1993, Bob Loce received the first doctoral degree awarded by RIT, thereby becoming the first person in the world to earn a Ph.D. in imaging science... [more]

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Erik Golen is looking at the needs of his fellow graduate students from a different perspective than he did while attending RIT as an undergraduate... [more]

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