Programs of Study

Few universities provide RIT’s variety of career-oriented studies. RIT’s unmatched array of academic programs attracts designers, artists, photographers, and filmmakers on the one hand, and scientists, engineers, computing scientists, and entrepreneurs on the other. When you connect these students with RIT’s outstanding faculty, a learning environment is created where innovation and creativity flourish.



Show only STEM eligible programs

Doctor of Philosophy

Astrophysical Sciences and Technology COS
Color Science COS
Computing and Information Sciences CCIS
Engineering COE
Imaging Science COS
Microsystems Engineering COE
Sustainability GIS
Mathematical Modeling COS

Master of Science for Teachers

Visual Arts–All Grades (Art Education) CAD

Master of Science

Accounting COB
Applied and Computational Mathematics COS
Applied Statistics COS
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology COS
Bioinformatics COS
Chemistry COS
Color Science COS
Communication and Media Technologies COLA
Computational Finance COB
Computer Engineering COE
Computer Science CCIS
Computing Security CCIS
Criminal Justice COLA
Electrical Engineering COE
Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ventures COB
Environmental Science COS
Environmental, Health and Safety Management CET
Experimental Psychology COLA
Finance COB
Game Design and Development CCIS
Health Systems Administration CHST
Hospitality and Tourism Management COB
Human Resource Development COB
Human-Computer Interaction CCIS
Imaging Science COS
Industrial and Systems Engineering COE
Information Sciences and Technologies CCIS
Management COB
Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration CET
Manufacturing Leadership COE
Materials Science and Engineering COS
Mechanical Engineering COE
Microelectronic Engineering COE
Networking and Systems Administration CCIS
Packaging Science CET
Print Media CAD
Product Development COE
Professional Studies SOIS
School Psychology COLA
Science, Technology and Public Policy COLA
Secondary Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing NTID
Service Leadership and Innovation COB
Software Engineering CCIS
Sustainable Engineering COE
Sustainable Systems GIS
Telecommunications Engineering Technology CET
Health Care Interpretation NTID
Media Arts and Technology CAD
Health Informatics CCIS
Data Science CCIS
Business Analytics COB
Integrative Design CAD
Physics COS

Master of Fine Arts

Ceramics CAD
Film and Animation CAD
Fine Arts Studio CAD
Furniture Design CAD
Glass CAD
Photography and Related Media CAD
Industrial Design CAD
Medical Illustration CHST
Metals and Jewelry Design CAD
Visual Communication Design CAD

Master of Engineering

Engineering Management COE
Industrial and Systems Engineering COE
Mechanical Engineering COE
Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering COE
Sustainable Engineering COE

Master of Business Administration

Accounting COB
Business Administration–Executive COB
Business Administration–Online Executive COB
Business Administration COB

Master of Architecture

Architecture GIS

Adv. Cert.

Applied Statistics COS
Big Data Analytics CCIS
Engineering Psychology COLA
Health Care Finance CHST
Cybersecurity CCIS
Lean Six Sigma COE
Networking, Planning and Design CCIS
Non-toxic Printmaking CAD
Organizational Learning CET
Project Management SOIS
School Psychology COLA
Service Leadership and Innovation COB
Workplace Learning and Instruction CET
Vibrations COE
Web Development CCIS
Communication and Digital Media COLA
Materials Science and Engineering COS
Accounting and Financial Analytics COB
Technology Entrepreneurship COB