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Regular student employees are not eligible for sick pay, holiday pay, or unemployment benefits. Co-op students are eligible to receive two sick days per academic semester, one sick day per summer co-op, and holiday pay. The number of hours allotted per sick day or holiday is based on the number of hours per week indicated on the hire form. (Ex.  40 hours/week = 8 hrs/day. 16 hours of sick time;  35 hours/week = 7 hrs/day, 14 hours of sick time)

Worker's Compensation provides student employees with part of their average weekly wages, should they become injured on the job or in the course of employment, and as a result of the injury are prevented from working.

Regardless of age and the number of hours worked, students do not meet ERISA (i.e. retirement) eligibility criteria, so long as their employment is incidental to their education.

Students are also eligible for New York State statutory disability benefits should a non-occupational disability prevents them from working.


RIT Student Employees are eligible for the NYS Paid Family Leave Program (NYS PFL).  This program provides job protected, partial paid leave for RIT Students to:

  • bond with a new child
  • care for an eligible family member with a serious health condition
  • help relieve family pressures when an eligible family member is called to active military service


Additional details can be found on the HR-Benefits website.