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For the purpose of on-campus employment, an eligible student is defined as one who has been matriculated into a degree program at RIT and is taking at least twelve (12) credit hours of course work per semester as an undergraduate student and nine (9) credit hours of course work per semester as a graduate student.

For on-campus summer employment, students do not need to be registered for classes as long as the student was registered full-time for spring semester AND is registered for fall semester. Students registered part or full-time for summer do not need verification of registration status for fall to work during the summer as long as they were full-time status for the spring semester.

In addition to the above, students registered part-time for credit bearing courses and part-time for non-credit bearing courses, the total of which would be equivalent to full-time status, are allowed to work as student employees. Written verification from the student’s academic department of study may be required for employment.