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On-Campus student jobs are classified in one of two level according to the skills and experience required, Regular Student Worker or Advanced Level Student Worker.

  • Regular Student Worker: Bas level positions with some degree of specialized knowledge or training requiring little or no experience and are routine and well-supervised. Examples of these types of positions are file clerks, food service workers, campus tour guides, office assistants, and data entry clerks.
  • Advanced Level Student Worker: Designates a category of jobs, with wages determined individually based on comparable or identical full-time positions. The skill requirements and employee responsibilities of such positions are identical for student employees and full-time employees. These jobs may also include those positions in which a student has worked during the previous quarter in an on-campus co-op position, and is continuing in the position as a regular student employee. These jobs also require a highly specialized skill and/or several years of previous experience. Examples are web developers, research assistants, computer programmers, and supervisor positions.


Any hire form for a student being hired into an Advanced Level position must have an Advanced Level Job Description attached to it to serve as justification for any wage higher than minimum wage.