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Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis every other Friday. Information regarding exact pay dates for the current academic year can be found in the RIT Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule. Individual personal checks are sent to the departments for which the student works. Students with direct deposit may access their check stub on-line by using Oracle Self-Service. Further information regarding sign-up procedures may be obtained from the Payroll Office. When a student works for more than one department, the earnings from all jobs are combined into one paycheck. The check is sent to the department that most recently hired the student, unless the student requests it sent to a different department.

Direct deposit of wages is highly recommended for student workers. Forms can be obtained from the SEO or Payroll websites or by stopping by the Payroll or Student Employment Offices. Students taking advantage of the direct deposit option can view their paystubs online. For access, students must logon to, and follow the directions provided.

If a department wishes to hire a student for a special project of short duration, requiring a one-time payment, the employer must complete the student Hire Form and write, "One-Time Pay" in place of the job number. An hourly wage must be given. For back wages, a payroll change form must also be completed and sent to payroll.