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Students on Campus

New students who wish to work on-campus must first receive an offer of employment from an on-campus employer. At this time, your new supervisor will complete a 'Student Employment Verification Slip' for you to bring to the Student Employment Office so you will be able to get your Employment Eligibility Card.

You will be required to complete the government mandated I-9 Form and submit original documentation to prove identity and employment eligibility. This process must be completed in person in the Student Employment Office (SEO). The SEO is located in the University Services Center in Room 1350.

Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

In order to work on-campus, students must:

  1. Be registered with full-time status.
    • Undergraduate Students: 12 credits
    • Graduate Students: 9 credits
  2. Provide proof of on-campus employment, supplied by your employer. If you need to find a job on campus, check out our Getting a Job page for more information about how to find a job on-campus.
  3. Complete the electronic I-9 process as mandated by the federal government.  Part 1 is completed online, Students must bring the required identification to the Student Employment Office to complete the I-9.

    Note: Please see the following link for the new electronic process.



  4. Pick up a Student Employment Office Eligibility Card from the office located at the University Services Center in room 1350.