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Applied Technical Leadership - Program Educational Objectives

Our students built a concrete canoe!

Educational and career objectives.

  1. Program Goals:
    • Students will analyze and articulate what leadership traits are prevalent and necessary to lead organizations and communities within their chosen professions and disciplines.
    • Students will understand the concepts of learning,training, and program design and evaluation and apply these concepts to developing the workforces in their specialized technical fields.
    • Students will demonstrate their ability to apply concepts and principles of accounting, project management, assessment of service quality, occupational safety and health, policy development and planning in their specialized career field.
    • Students will explore and analyze a variety of crisis issues common in their area of technical expertise and identify the fundamentals skills necessary to effectively use interpersonal interventions to work toward resolving those crisis situations.
    • Students will communicate effectively as individuals, and as team members in both oral, written, and presentation formats.
  2. Program Career Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Apply the foundation principles of leadership development to cultivate a professional leadership style.
  • Develop a skill set and advanced knowledge and techniques that can enhance their ability to make career changes, advancements, and transitions.
  • Use the ATL bachelor of science degree as a stepping stone to advanced education, training and master degrees