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Environmental Sustainability, Health & Safety Program Educational Objectives - Graduate

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Program Mission Statement:  Prepare traditional and non-traditional local and distance students to manage their organization’s environmental, health and safety systems and lead their organizations toward sustainability by providing them with the appropriate environmental, health and safety management strategy and tools. 
Program Goal #1:  Demonstrate an understanding of global EHS management systems and identification of related EHS aspects and impacts.

            Explain the concept and purpose of a systematic approach to EHS management, including fundamental system characteristics and functions.

            Develop an appropriate EHS policy statement for a specific organization.

            Identify and prioritize EHS aspects and impacts.

Program Goal #2:  Demonstrate an understanding of how to design an EHS management system.

            Develop EHS management system objectives and targets.

            Develop systems for operational controls including intervention based upon performance evaluation.

            Map a functional EHS management system.

Program Goal #3:  Demonstrate an understanding of the strategies and tools used to integrate EHS into business management to drive an organization towards sustainability.  

             Identify strategies and tools for integrating EHS into business management that will drive the organization towards sustainability.

             Explain how quality tools can be used to improve and integrate EHS into the business.

Program Goal #4:  Demonstrate the ability to research or apply environmental, health and safety (EHS) management strategies & tools.

            Integrate the key EHS management strategies and tools to complete; related research, or a capstone project, or a comprehensive examination.