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Hospitality & Tourism Management (Graduate) Program Educational Objectives

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Program Goals
Goal 1: Review, assess, and draw conclusions about models and theories associated with hospitality and tourism in a global environment
Goal 2: Effectively analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply hospitality and tourism data from diverse sources
Goal 3: Identify and compare the services associated with the tourism system in the context of social, economic, cultural and political environments.
Goal 4: Create and present new hospitality and tourism services through effective interpersonal, oral, and written communication

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:

  1. Review and assess hospitality and tourism models/ theories
  2. Draw conclusions and  develop innovative, evidence-supported concepts related to specific examples of models in the hospitality and tourism industry
  3. Analyze and evaluate  data from a wide variety of global sources
  4. Synthesize and pragmatically and ethically apply hospitality and tourism information to situations anywhere in the world
  5. Identify, compare, and contrast hospitality and tourism services in a  social, economic, cultural and political contexts
  6. Develop new services in the hospitality and tourism industry that can be applied to a wide variety of situations globally
  7. Create and make presentations in a variety of formats–from written to mediated