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Human Resource Development (Graduate) Program Educational Objectives

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Program Goals

  1. Prepare HRD graduates who understand the theory and foundation principles which are the basis of Human Resource Development (HRD).
  2. Develop  an understanding of current HRD research, and applied skills in  research methodologies, assessment, and evaluation used in organizational learning, training, and global HRD.
  3. Understand the attributes of outstanding performance behaviors and learning and development strategies to replicate these behaviors within the organization.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate  the  knowledge,  comprehension, and application of theoretical principles related to HRD.
  2. Demonstrate the  knowledge,  comprehension, and application of research methodologies
    1. Identify, collect, synthesize and analyze appropriate data .
    2. Apply appropriate HRD assessment and program evaluation strategies,
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of current and projected global HRD trends and issues.
  4. Understand and apply HRD priorities and programs within global companies based on an understanding of cultural contexts and differences