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International Hospitality & Tourism Management Program Educational Objectives

Our students built a concrete canoe!

Program Goals

  1. Use effective and professional oral, written, and visual communication
  2. Interrelate professionally and ethically with diverse colleagues and clients
  3. Function effectively on teams and in leadership positions; use appropriate assertiveness, advocacy, and negotiations skills.
  4. Exhibit professionalism in dress and social skills in a variety of professional situations
  5. Locate, interpret, evaluate, and use information to make business decisions
  6. Use current information technologies to locate, develop, and apply evidence-based principles to business  decisions
  7. Apply principles and measurements to innovate and find solutions to problems.
  8. Predict how global change can affect  people professionally and personally.
  9. Interact professionally and respectfully  with persons from different cultures
  10. Apply management and business principles to the development, marketing, and delivery of products or services
  11. Determine costs, revenue, and budget, and interpret financial data.
  12. Apply principles of human resource management to different situations
  13. Develop outcome measures, use assessment principles and technology to collect and analyze data
  14. Use effective and established principles in the selected hospitality option field of Food Mgt., Hotel/ Resort Mgt., Entertainment and Event Planning, or Food Marketing and Distribution