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Manufacturing & Mechanical Systems Integration Program Educational Objectives

Our Baja SAE team has won international competitions.

Program Goal 1. Systems Thinking (Define, Develop, Integrate and Manage Systems)

  • Define system requirements and identify the components required to develop systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate system components
  • Outline and defend the financial details for developing systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage systems and work in a team environment


Program Goal 2. Analytical Problem Solving (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control System Issues)

  • Apply lean six sigma tools, methods and models to evaluate systems and to develop solutions
  • Define, measure and analyze relevant data and information to improve and control the systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to compile and present analysis findings in written and/or oral format

Program Goal 3. Effective Written and Oral Communication Skills

  • Access research data bases on-line; cite references, and recognize plagiarism sources
  • Develop a research paper or proposal
  • Construct or create a project report and/or white paper.
  • Present research/project findings and conclusions.