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Telecommunications Engineering Technology Program Educational Objectives

Our students built a concrete canoe!

1.Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and technology that enable reliable transmission and routing of information

- Demonstrate knowledge of transmission, switching and routing technology for telecom networks.

- Demonstrate knowledge of network protocols and signaling technology


2.  Demonstrate knowledge of the technical and economic principles of telecommunication network planning and design

- Demonstrate ability to design a network to meet a communication need.

- Demonstrate ability to use network design tools.


3.  Demonstrate knowledge of the policies and regulations that govern the telecommunication industry

- Demonstrate knowledge of telecom policy both in the U.S. and abroad.

- Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues that drive telecom policy and regulation.


4.  Perform, document and present scholarly research in the field of telecommunications

-Complete a thesis or project proposal.

- Perform and document a review of literature pertaining to a selected topic.

- Complete and present a documented thesis or project report