Amanda Krol

Hospitality & Tourism Management
Batavia, NY

My very first military experience was being greeted at Leadership Training Course, (LTC), located at Fort Knox, KY with screaming Drill Sergeants, I thought “what did I get myself into”. I knew there was going to be a significant learning curve as I had no previous military experience. However, I did not realize the amount of new information and knowledge I would obtain in a mere 29 days. Immediately you form bonds with your roommates, squad members and platoon members as they are your “family” for the next 4 weeks. The levels of military knowledge vary greatly within these small groups and bonds you generate, some Cadets have a full year experience while others like me have none. The tasks, obstacles, events, and missions that we conducted helped emphasis everyone’s different attributes and  leadership qualities, you worked as teams encouraging one another at all times to do your best and try things you have never done before. Not only did I learn ample information to set myself up for success in my MS3 (Junior ROTC) year but I also formed life long bonds with my fellow Cadets. A handful of us still keep in contact today and visit one another frequently, this is crucial in your military career because the Army can tend to be small and having these types of connection can be beneficial socially as well as professionally.