Amber Brewer

International and Global Studies
Corinth, NY

I was selected to participate in Army ROTC’s cultural immersion program, CULP. This was an excellent opportunity to; travel, meet other cadets from all over the United States, learn about another culture, and do something that most people do not get the chance to participate in. Cadets selected to participate in CULP are sent to countries all over the world for a minimum of three weeks to either work with cadets from that country’s military or participate in a humanitarian project with the objective of forging new friendships and relationships with the people of other nations and with the nation itself. During my trip I went to Tanzania, an African country, while there, myself and ten other cadets taught English in high schools run by the Tanzanian military. Students and staff at the schools were eager to learn and grow friendships with us, likewise we learned the importance of cultural understanding and sensitivity while; traveling, creating relationships, and representing the United States.