Who do I talk to about joining ROTC?

You should speak to our Enrollment Officer, Mr. Donald Powell, (585)475-6817, dcparm@rit.edu.

Do I have to be in a specific major to join ROTC?

No, in ROTC your major does not affect you entering the military. However your major may effect when you can commission and how long you will take to complete college when you add in your military science classes.  At RIT a higher percentage of our STEM majors earn campus based scholarships

If i'm going to graduate in more than four years, can I still do ROTC?

Yes! When you enter ROTC you will fill out a form called a 104-R, so we will know exactly when you will graduate when you begin ROTC and avoid any issues.

What does enrolled cadet mean?

An enrolled cadet is a person who has filled out an enrollment packet an all the necessary documents. It allows a cadet to take the lab portion of ROTC and to try out ROTC without a military obligation.

What does contracted cadet mean?

A contracted cadet is a person who has completed the enrollment packet, finished and passed all the necessary contracting requirements (see our answer to: Contracting requirements for more information on the subject), and sign an Army ROTC contract.

What do I need to contract?

To contract you need to complete:

  1. - At least a 2.5 Overall GPA
  2. - Pass an APFT and Army Height/Weight Standards
  3. - Pass a DODMERB physical
  4. - Surpass the peers competiting against you for the scholarship in GPA, PT score, and a desire to contract.

What is a 104-R Form and why do I have to fill one out?

A 104-R Form is a standard Cadet Command Form that plans out all the remaining academic semesters in college for you and your instructors. The form allows us to place you in the correct ROTC academic track and also helps you plan your future semesters in college to meet all your graduating needs.  Click here for an example of a 104-R.

What is a 139-R Form and why do I have to fill one out?

The purpose of a 139-R Form is to allow the ROTC instructors to determine the eligibility of everyone enrolling in ROTC.

What is DODMERB?

DODMERB or Department of Defense Medical Examination and Review Board is the process by which ROTC uses to screen cadets and assess their medical eligibility to contract.

How do I schedule a DODMERB?

If you would like to speak to someone about starting the DODMERB process email Mr. Donald Powell at dcparm@rit.edu

What is an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)?

An Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is a 3 event test to give yourself and your commanders an evaluation on your level of fitness. The three events are: 2 minutes of timed pushups, 2 minutes of timed situps, and a timed 2 mile run. In addition, each student will be required to meet the US Army height/weight and bodyfat standard. For more information on the APFT please click here.

What are the financial benefits of an Army ROTC Scholarship?

When you receive an Army ROTC Scholarship you will receive:

  • Either payment of your Tuition every semester or payment for your Room and Board
  • $600 every semester to pay for books (tax free)
  • A tax free stipend every month during the semester that increases each year

What is Accessions?

Accessions is the process by which the US Army ranks every Cadet Commissioning in a certain year.  Your Accession score includes GPA, APFT Scores, LDAC evaluations, Campus Cadet Evaluation Report, and any clubs or activities you have done. 

How do I get Active Duty?

You accessed at the beginning of your senior year. Active Duty is extremely competitive and is based off your Accessions score and ranking on the National Order of Merit List. 

What is a Guarenteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Contract?

A GRFD Contract is an agreement between you and the Army guarenteeing that you go into the National Guard or Army Reserve.

What if I am in the National Guard, can I do ROTC?

Yes! This is called the SMP (Simultaneous Membership Program).

Can I participate in sports and do ROTC?

Yes! We have several students currently contracted with us that participate in varsity level sports.

If I am not interested in ROTC can I still take the Military Science classes for a minor?

Yes.  A Military Science minor will ensure that you are fimiliar with Army style leadership and make you marketable in the private sector. if you are interested in taking ROTC for a minor please contract Ms. Tish Purcell empgbo@rit.edu

How can ROTC at RIT help me?

ROTC gives you a career once you exit college, puts you ahead of your peers in the job market, and gives you an opportunity to serve your nation as an officer in the US Army. Aside from that, serving in the military gives you points on the Civil Service Exam if you are looking for a government job, and training in whatever branch you choose.

What are the advantages of enrolling/contracting in ROTC?

If you enroll in ROTC it gives you a chance to see our program and determine if this is something you are interested in persuing. If you contract in ROTC you will earn a Commission and exit college with a career, along with other financial benefits throughout college that will help you mitigate the costs associated with college. 

I'm interested in ROTC can I come see what you do?

Absolutely, and we encourage it. Not only can you watch a leadership lab, but you can enroll in ROTC with no military obligation to see if its something you're interested in.

If I missed one or more semesters of ROTC can I still join?

Yes you can as long as you have at least 4 academic semesters remaining.