Teryn Rynone

Mechanical Engineering
Newfield, NY

Air Assault is unique in that it requires both strong mental and physical aptitude in order to complete. Day 0 consists of an obstacle course then transitions classroom learning where Phase I begin. This covers Pathfinder operations, aircraft familiarization, and aeromedical evacuation which ends with a multiple choice test. Phase II consists of three days of sling load operations of various equipment such as the HMMWV, M149 water trailer, fuel blivets, A20 cargo bag, and the cargo net. A hands on test to identify four deficiencies marks the end of this phase. Phase III is rappelling where you start small on an inclined wall, working your way to the 34’ tower, and eventually to a UH-60 Blackhawk. In order to pass this phase you must be able to properly execute a Hollywood, lock-in, and combat load rappel off the tower, as well as a rappel from a UH-60. The final event is a 12 mile ruck march that must be completed in under 3 hours which is followed by an equipment inspection of the packing list. Failure in any one of the mentioned events results in an automatic failure. Attention to detail is the success in this course.