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What You Can Achieve

  • Performance Analysis of Lead Free Solder Alloys (Sn-Ag-Cu & Sn-Ag-Cu-Bi) with lead free surface finish (OSP & Immersion Ag) under thermal shock and thermal aging conditions
  • Thermal Profiling-Effect of peak temperature and Time-Above-Liquidus (TAL) deviation from process window
  • Study of the Impact of Stencil Solvent on SnPb and SAC pastes
  • Study of delamination phenomenon in plastic packages in a lead free processing environment
  • Lead free research compendium
  • Semiautomatic photonic device assembly process development
  • Pad and aperture shape and size characterization for 0201 assembly
  • Solder beading & tombstoning of chip components
  • International stencil consortium
  • Underfill flow modeling for flip chip assembly
  • No-Flow underfill characterization
  • Deep pocket feeder evaluation
  • SMT adhesive dispense characterization for jetting
  • Reflow process evaluation for modeled 3D components
  • High speed stencil printing  
  • SMT prototype board assembly and process development
  • Nickel squeegee evaluation  
  • SMI solder paste print study  
  • BGA assembly process characterization