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IPC-A-610D Certified IPC Specialist Training

Course Description

The IPC, nationally recognized as an electronics manufacturing trade association, has issued the IPC-A-610D "Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies." This document provides a pictorial interpretation of the board/board assembly showing target, acceptable and defect conditions. Used as the basis for training, the IPC-A-610D provides common, documented procedures and techniques for training and certifying specialists in application of the IPC-A-610D standard. This knowledge will enable the student to make valid accept/reject product decisions per the IPC-A-610D document.

This class is presented in modules which may be tailored to the needs of your organization. Class length is dependent upon the number of modules covered.  Review questions address main topics for each section. Open and closed-book examinations cover key elements in each module. Minimum passing average grade is 70%.

Course Outline

  • Foreword
  • Applicable Documents
  • Handling Electronic Assemblies
  • Hardware
  • Soldering
  • Terminal Connections
  • Through-Hole Technology
  • Surface Mount Assemblies
  • Component Damage
  • Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies
  • Discrete Wiring Acceptability Requirements
  • High Voltage
  • Written Examination/Review of Examinations

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who require understanding and interpretation of acceptability requirements will benefit from this class. These include solder operators, technicians, inspectors, auditors, quality personnel, manufacturing and engineering management personnel.

What Do Attendees Receive?

Students who achieve a combined score of 70 or higher will be awarded an IPC-A-610D Certified Specialist certification which is valid for two (2) years. A re-certification course must be completed prior to expiration of the Certified Specialist Certificate.