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IPC-J-STD-001 Worker Proficiency Training

Course Description

The IPC, nationally recognized as an electronics manufacturing trade association, has issued the J-STD-001D "Joint Industry Standard" which prescribes the practices and requirements for manufacture of soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. Rather than prescribing the manufacturing process, the J-STD-001D describes the materials, methods, and acceptance criteria the completed product shall meet. On completion of this course, the student will understand the requirements of J-STD-001D, related standards, and how these apply to their positions.

This is a modularized course, consisting of one mandatory 8-hour module, and four (4) additional 8-hour modules. This provides focused training for each student, depending upon specific training needs of the employer.

The student should have basic through-hole and surface mount soldering skills prior to attending this course. Student written test scores for each module will be averaged together. Successful completion of this course requires a combined score of 70% or higher for written examinations and a minimum score of 70% for each lab.

Course Content

Module 1. General Study of All Requirements. (Mandatory)

This module provides an overview of J-STD-001D. It consists of lecture, review, a 25-question open-book and 25-question closed-book examination. The student must complete this module with a combined score of 70 or higher before proceeding to further modules.

Module 2. Wires and Terminals

This 8-hour module consists of lecture, demonstration, and student laboratory in preparing and soldering wires to terminals and demonstrating acceptable soldering of common wire/terminal configurations. A minimum score of 70 is required on a 25-question open book examination.

Module 3. Through-Hole Components

An 8-hour module, the class includes lecture, instructor demonstration, and student laboratory in hand soldering through-hole components to a board. On completion, the student must demonstrate proficiency by acceptably soldering through-hole components and completing a 25-question open book examination with a minimum passing score of 70.

Module 4. Surface Mount Components

The 8-hour module consists of lecture, instructor demonstration, and student laboratory in hand soldering common surface mount components to a board. To successfully complete the module, the student must submit acceptable surface mount solder samples and complete a 25-question open book examination with a minimum score of 70.

Module 5. Inspection Methodology

This 8-hour module includes lecture, inspection laboratory, review and module examination in inspection of through-hole and surface mount assemblies. Focus of this class is Table 11-1 of J-STD-001D. The inspection laboratory includes inspection and recording of known defects on through-hole and surface mount components. Successful completion of the module requires a minimum grade of 70 on a 25-question open book examination.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who require understanding and interpretation of J-STD-001D process and acceptability criteria will benefit from this class. These include production operators, technicians, inspectors, auditors, quality personnel, manufacturing and engineering process engineers and management personnel.

What Do Attendees Receive?

Students who successfully complete this class receive an IPC J-STD-001D Certified Specialist certification which is valid for two (2) years. The certificate will indicate which module(s) the student has completed. A re-certification course must be completed prior to expiration of the Certified Specialist certificate.