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Reflow Soldering Process

1-Day Tutorial

Course Description

The reflow soldering process is another key process in surface mount electronics assembly after stencil printing. The soldering parameters combined with the surface finish of the PCB and components, influence the formation and quality of the solder joint in surface mount PCB assembly. This course will provide a thorough understanding of the reflow process for tin-lead and lead free soldering. Topics include an in-depth look at the various soldering methods, mechanism for solder joint formation, intermetallic formation, reflow parameters, effect of reflow parameters, thermocouple attachment and profiling, importance of profiling, defect identification and corrective actions. Participants in this course are sure to acquire a sound understanding of the soldering process and its influence on assembly yield. Half day equivalent of hands-on education provided in the state-of-the-art laboratory will allow participants to experiment with the process parameters and observe the process outcomes. Participants will also generate reflow profiles for a couple of PCB assemblies.

Lean Manufacturing Training

Half Day Lean Overview

Participants will be exposed to a broad list of Lean tools and definitions. Lean philosophy of continuous improvement will be discussed. Examples of application of lean tools to the workplace will be reviewed. Participants will perform a simulation exercise that demonstrates how the lean tools and concepts can have an impact on operations.

Half Day 5S/ Visual Controls

Implementation of 5-S is important to the goals of Lean because it allows quick determinations of workplace status. Likewise, Visual Controls provide a means of communicating what needs to be done, when, where, by whom, how, and how much. Participants will learn what is involved in implementing a sustainable 5-S program. They will be taught the steps in 5-S, what a 5-S audit should look like, and they will have a classroom game exercise that will reinforce the central concept of 5-S and why it is not simply a 'clean-up' program. In addition, participants will learn about Visual Controls, including examples that will stimulate their thoughts on how they can apply these concepts to real world situations.

Half Day Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Participants will review the theory and value of VSM and why it serves as a road map for an organization’s Lean journey. Included will be discussion surrounding process mapping, information flow, material flow, and distribution methods. Participants will also learn how to draw a VSM and how to progress from a current state to a future state map. At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to construct both a current state map as well as a future state map.