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SMT / Through-Hole Rework and Repair

3-Day Hands-on Training

Course Description

This is a 3-day worker proficiency course focusing on Sn/Pb soldering of surface mount and through hole components. This class will be conducted with up to 8 students per class. Students attending this 3-day combined SMT/Thru-Hole soldering course are assumed to have been certified to IPC-J-STD-001 and require additional soldering skills. The morning of the first day will be lecture on the basics of soldering and inspection. Discussion topics will include: soldering safety; ESD; core solder and its properties; the importance of flux; soldering tips, their care, and selection; through-hole soldering principles, and SMT soldering principles. Also addressed is SMT/TH inspection criteria and SMT/TH solder defect identification and correction, using IPC standards as reference. The balance of the class is directed to hands-on soldering exercises. These include installation and removal of through-hole axial, radial, and DIP devices and installation and removal of surface mount chip, gull wing, and J-lead components. Each exercise is preceded by instructor demonstration of the assembly/removal technique. Student workmanship is evaluated jointly by student and instructor via microscope and color monitor projection.