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MS in Construction Management (Pending NYS Education Department Approval)


Moving Up to Leadership in Construction Management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “construction managers plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from early development to completion,” the median annual wage of construction managers exceeds $80,000, employment opportunities in this field are predicted to grow in the US by 17% between 2010 and 2020, and employers are placing more importance on specialized education. The online Master of Science degree program in Construction Management is designed to provide such specialized education, primarily for experienced construction professionals interested in advancing into leadership positions but also for recent graduates of undergraduate programs in construction management or graduates from related programs who will have completed 18 semester credit hours of business/management courses, a statistics course, and courses in cost estimating, planning & scheduling and project management. Those with an appropriate BS education but who lack construction management work experience and are willing to complete a co-op may also be eligible to complete the program.


RIT’s Construction Management MS graduates will develop competencies in:

  • Leadership,
  • Construction cost analysis and control,
  • Construction operations management and productivity, and
  • Construction business development and growth

The goals of the program are to provide graduates with the requisite strategic skills to lead and advance the construction industry. To accommodate the working professional, the program is available almost entirely online. There will be one three-day executive leader session taught on-campus as part of the upper-level Construction Client Development course. The 33 semester hour program can be completed in as little as 1.5 years of full-time study, or as little as 3 years of part-time study while working full-time.


RIT's Construction Management faculty is comprised of are highly experienced professionals, ensuring that the curriculum is both relevant and practical.

Maureen Valentine, PE, CETEMS Interim Department Chair, Professor
(585) 475-7298,

Semester Curriculum 

The MS program in construction management consists of 33 semester credit hours of graduate study. The curriculum consists of core courses, professional electives, and either a comprehensive exam, graduate thesis or project.
Construction management (thesis, capstone, and exam options), MS degree, typical course sequence (semesters), effective fall 2014


Sem. Cr. Hrs.


Principles of Construction Leadership & Management



Sustainable Building Design & Construction



Research Methods



Construction Operations and Productivity



Construction Cost Analysis and Management



Professional Electives



Graduate Writing Strategies



Construction Customer Development



Choose one of the following:



   Graduate Project*



   Comprehensive Exam†


 CMAN-788, 790

Thesis Planning, Thesis


Total Semester Credit Hours


* The graduate project option requires students to complete one additional professional elective.
† The comprehensive exam option requires students to complete two additional electives.

Course descriptions

CMAN 650 - Principles of Construction Leadership and Management
Introduction to leadership and management principles applicable to the construction industry including those associated with strategic planning, construction processes, communications, ethical behavior, human resources development, financial management, and risk management. There will be an emphasis on safety and loss prevention management, insurance and risk management, marketing construction services, and bonding requirements for construction companies. Class Hrs. 3, Credits 3 (Fall)

CMAN-740 Sustainable Building Construction and Design
Students will be introduced to and apply the basic concepts of sustainable design and construction, “green” building strategies and learn how to determine and compare value-to-cost differences between “green” and conventional designs. (Enrollment in CMAN or permission of department) Class Hrs. 3, Credits 3 (Fall)

GRCS-YYY Research Methods
Students are introduced to qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research and provided a framework and approach to select and design appropriate methodology(ies) for conducting research in a graduate program.
Class 3 hr, Credit 3 hr, (Fall)

Graduate Writing Strategies
This course provides the opportunity for students to communicate in writing using the formats most often required as a professional in their field. The goal of this course is to ensure students have the opportunity to practice written communication strategies including a white paper, research proposal, grant application and a professional paper submission. Class Hrs. 3 Credits 3, (Fall, Spring)

CMAN-718 Construction Operations and Productivity
A study of construction operations with emphasis on productivity enhancement focusing on an integrated approach to planning, modeling, analysis, and design of construction operations. This includes productivity concepts; data collection; analysis of productivity data and factors affecting productivity; means for improving production and study of productivity improvement programs. (CMAN 650) Class Hrs. 3, Credits 3 (Spring)

CMAN-720 Construction Cost Analysis and Management
A logistical study of pre-construction cost analysis and construction management procedures, including conceptual estimating, project cost analysis and control, value engineering, life-cycle costing, feasibility studies, project financial and economic modeling, and quantitative risk analysis techniques. (CMAN 650) Class Hrs. 3, Credits 3 (Spring)

CMAN-760 Construction Client Development
This course introduces and develops techniques for construction client development, including: the structured sales approach; the referral system; building upon successful projects; exploring how satisfied clients can contribute to winning future construction contracts; the cost and the value of keeping all stakeholders satisfied; the requisite skills for successful construction project sales and how they differ from other professions in the organization. Students will analyze case studies of successful and unsuccessful construction contracts. Includes a three day, on-campus, executive leader session during the 12th week of class. (CMAN 718, 720)
Class Hrs. 3, Credits 3 (Fall)

CAST-CMAN-788, CMAN Thesis Planning
Students will rigorously develop their thesis research ideas, conduct literature reviews, identify and plan methodologies, prepare schedules, and gain a clear understanding of the expectations of the faculty and the discipline. Each student will be required to prepare a committee approved thesis research proposal and may begin work on their thesis. (GRCS-701 Research Methods, GRCS-703- Graduate Writing Strategies and department approval) Class 3 hrs, Credit 3 hrs (Fall)

CAST-CMAN-790, CMAN Thesis
The graduate thesis is a formal research document that empirically relates theory with practice. A formal written thesis and oral defense are required. (Prerequisites: “B” or better in CAST-CMAN-788- CMAN Thesis Planning) Class 3 hrs, Credit 3 hrs (Spring)

CAST-CMAN-795 Comprehensive Examination
A written comprehensive exam is one of the non-thesis methodologies for completion of the MS degree. This course will provide a forum for independent review of the main concepts of the program core subject areas. The student will take a written examination at the conclusion of the course and must receive a passing grade of at least 80% to be successful. Students will have one additional opportunity to pass this examination if their initial attempt is unsuccessful. Department approval is required. Class 3 hr, Credit 3 hr (Fall)

CAST-CMAN-797, CMAN Graduate Project
This course provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their capabilities developed through their course of study to design, develop and/or evaluate a construction management related project culminating in a written report or manuscript and presentation (GRCS-701 Research Methods, GRCS-703- Graduate Writing Strategies and department approval) Class 3 hrs, Credit 3 hrs (Fall/Spring)