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Online Programs


Online learning at the Rochester Institute of Technology offers students the opportunities to earn a full academic degree without ever coming to campus. The anytime anywhere distance learning format is designed to accommodate busy professional and personal schedules. RIT is ranked as the third largest online learning provider in the US by an independent research firm. In addition, RIT has been providing online learning in various formats for over twenty years. Since 1991, the ability to earn a full degree has been a strategic part of the distance learning mission at RIT.

RIT's online learning courses have the same objectives, rigorous work load, tuition and academic credit as its on-campus courses. RIT’s faculty is world renowned for both their academic and professional achievements. That expertise is shared throughout the online learning experience. Online learning delivery methods are driven by the needs of the learner, the learning situation, and objectives of the course. Today, over 4000 students across the United States and overseas enroll each year in RIT's online learning programs.

Most students can take classes and study anywhere, at times that are convenient and flexible for them. Online learning is available for a variety individual classes, and the following complete programs:


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