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Vision, Mission, Philosophy & History


Our vision is to be a recognized national leader in the preparation of skilled professionals in: civil engineering technology; environmental sustainability, health and safety management and construction management. We envision our graduates as prepared and committed to moving us toward a more sustainable and socially responsible future.


The CETEMS mission is to achieve its vision by creating and maintaining an optimal teaching and learning environment in which staff and faculty grow professionally and students receive unsurpassed knowledge, skills, insights and the tools for lifelong learning in their respective disciplines.

Philosophy of Education

Adapting and combining the musings on education of several great philosophers, CETEMS views education as the key to creating and sustaining civilization (Plato); recognizes that human nature, routines of behavior, and social reality are important influences in the process of education (Aristotle); and seeks to cultivate curiosity in students as a primary behavioral manifestation of human education (Rousseau).


We recognize and value that:

  • Our academic programs are all about designing, building and maintaining the infrastructure of civilization;
  • Human beings and the places that we live, work and play are indeed part of the environment; and
  • Having a safe and healthy environment is requisite to a prosperous civilization.


  • Work effectively with industry to provide cooperative education experience and applied research opportunities for our students.
  • Deliver academic programs in multiple formats to meet the needs of full-time and part-time students and the needs of distant as well as local students.
  • Provide state-of-the-art facilities that encourage learning, student project work and applied research.
  • Incorporate continuous improvement into the work plans of faculty and staff, as well as into maintain and upgrading curriculum and facilities.


Established in 1972, the BS degree in Civil Engineering Technology prepares students to enter careers in construction management, civil design, structural design, or environmental controls. The curriculum uses a combination of challenging academics, hands-on laboratory experiences, and practical cooperative work education to cultivate students who are grounded in applications-oriented approaches to solving the world's problems. 

In 1991, in response to a growing demand for environmental professionals, RIT created the nation's first BS degree in Environmental Management, which has now evolved into Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety.

The first MS degree in Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Management was launched in 1997 to further address the educational needs of EHS professionals and their employers. The EHS Management MS degree program may be completed entirely online or through a combination of online and local courses for those students who want to attend the RIT campus. 

2006 was a busy year for CETEMS. In 2006, the department created:

There are a number of other certificates and distance learning options available, so please continue into our site to read more about them. Welcome to CETEMS!