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Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure and cyber security are groups of public and private assets, which are essential to the function of society and the economy. These assets include a variety of facilities and other entities such as power generation, telecommunications, water supplies, sewage and waste disposal, agriculture, heating, public and private health organizations, transportation, security services, and utility companies to name a few. Critical infrastructure can also be virtual including software systems that support these assets. Critical infrastructure awareness and protection has become an ever-increasing priority since 1996 and is emphasized in the Patriot Act of 2001.

CRR supports critical infrastructure and cyber security in the following ways:

  • Threat assessments and vulnerability analysis
  • Geographic referencing of critical infrastructure to response resources
  • Integration of stakeholders into resiliency efforts
  • Research analysis for improvement of critical infrastructure and cyber security
  • Testing of current cyber security capabilities
  • Correlation to provide possible indicators of future disasters or emergencies

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