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Decision Making and Situational Awareness

Informed decision-making and situational awareness are key components of a healthy and resilient community. The Collaboratory for Resiliency and Recovery recognizes decision making as a cyclical process that occurs at all levels of resiliency planning, emergency response, and post disaster recovery. These skills are vital to community planners, emergency managers, private stakeholders, police and fire professionals, and first responders.

Decision support systems provide an excellent support platform and integration tool for response and recovery. These systems can integrate into the various decision cycles and improve situational awareness by increasing the sources of information available, geo referencing data, and prioritizing information streams.

Using this approach, the CRR can provide the following capabilities:

  • Risk identification¬†
  • Ranking and prioritizing resources and vulnerabilities
  • Risk analysis
  • Resiliency analytics
  • Reporting and monitoring effectiveness
  • Reaction planning
  • Decision support requirements
  • Decision support system integration

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