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Daniel Johnson (faculty)

Department Chair
Department of Packaging Science
College of Engineering Technology

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Department of Packaging Science GOL-1105

Daniel Johnson (faculty)

Department Chair
Department of Packaging Science
College of Engineering Technology


BS, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology


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0 Credits
Off-campus work in an approved salaried position with cooperating company. Department permission is required. (Third year status)
3 Credits
Market structures are analyzed in order to develop an understanding of how packaging relates to the general economy. Students will learn how market traded derivatives are utilized to protect against price volatility of packaging raw materials, utilization of Purchase Price Cost Analysis to predict packaging pricing and price movements. Packaging contract analysis and packaging pricing formula based pricing will be studied. Students are instructed in the use of basic pricing reference materials for research purposes.
0 Credits
Work experience in packaging science position appropriate to selected major in graduate program. Position to be obtained through interviewing process with the assistance of Cooperative Education and Career Services Office. Department permission is required.
0 Credits
A written comprehensive exam is one of the non-thesis methodologies for completion of the MS degree. Students will demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the theories and foundation principles. This course will include a review of the main concepts of each of the core subjects and at the conclusion of the course the student will take a written examination and must receive a passing grade of at least 80 percent to be successful. Students will have one additional opportunity to pass this examination if their initial attempt results in a failing grade. (Faculty adviser approval required).
1 - 4 Credits
Subject offerings of new and developing areas of knowledge in intended to augment the existing curriculum. Special Topics courses are offered periodically. Watch for titles in the course listing each semester.

In the News

  • January 10, 2020

    students using robotic packaging machines.

    American Packaging Corp. renews support for packaging science program with gift

    Funding from the long-time corporate partner will support two innovative packaging centers at RIT: the American Packaging Corp. Center for Packaging Innovation, a comprehensive teaching, research and testing laboratory; and the Center for Sustainable Packaging. Both centers are located in RIT’s College of Engineering Technology.

  • April 23, 2019

    Students and professor stand around pallet with boxes.

    Packaging solutions improve product shelf life and sustainability

    Images of plastic bags and bottles clogging beaches and oceans have some calling for a ban on all such products. But packaging experts say it’s not that easy to eliminate a highly effective material. Instead, researchers at RIT are looking to strike a balance: Find a way to produce plastics that retain their best qualities and yet are more environmentally friendly.

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Published Article
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