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Industry Partnerships Highlights

Industrial Advisory Board Members

Computer Engineering Technology:

  • Doug Baker - Carestream Health - Kodak
  • Nick Cianfrocco - Harris
  • Michael Fallat - Linear Technology Corp.
  • Richard Keefe - Exelis, Inc.
  • Brian Komosinski - Analog Devices
  • Jeffrey Lillie - Synaptics
  • Bruce Link - Kodak Alaris
  • Tom Middleton - Eastman Kodak Company
  • Mark Mitchell - Xerox
  • Chris Murphy - Xelic Inc.
  • George Peterson - Texas Instruments
  • Jim Prowak - Synaptics
  • Michael Sanfilippo - Xelic, Inc.
  • Donald Tripp - Synaptics
  • Tracy VanAmeron - Harris RF Communications Division
  • Scott Dunnington - D3 Engineering

Electrical Engineering Technology:

  • Rob Clark - Robtron, Inc
  • Martin Dombey - Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Inc.
  • Benjamin Dunton - NYS Department of Public Service
  • Carl Fahrenkrug Jr. - Microwave Filter Company, Inc.
  • Randy Fatula - Lockheed Martin MS2
  • Dan Hilsdorf - Quality Vision International, Inc.
  • John Link - Wegmans Distribution Center
  • Michael McPhee - Cisco
  • Austin O'Connor - Exelon Group - Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station
  • Mark Oliver - Monroe Community College
  • Aaron Roof - Vanteon
  • Bob Schultz - National Grid
  • David Shields, P.E. - Pathfinder Engineers & Architect LLP
  • David Smith - L-3 Communications - GCS
  • Jeffrey Steiner - National Grid
  • William Tomkiewicz - SNC Lavalin
  • Troy Walker - University of Rochester
  • Sean Begley - Lockheed Martin
  • Holly Dickens - Harris

Telecommunications Engineering Technology:

  • John Chambers - Frontier Communications
  • John Cunico - Frontier Communications
  • Mark Davis - Frontier
  • Mike Emmerling - Frontier Communications
  • Jeff Gasper - ECC Technologies
  • Ronald Healey - ECC Technologies, Inc.
  • David Johnson - AT&T Hosting and Application Services
  • TJ Lantier - Verizon Wireless
  • Thomas Perrone - Fibertech Networks
  • Steve Tunney - Vadiscom
  • Alex Whitaker - Tri-Tower Telecom
  • Robert Rathbun - AvanGrid
  • Filipp Ignatovich - Lumetrics
  • Tim Howard - Frontier
  • Derek Ellingsworth - GE Industrial Solutions
  • Joey White - Ashly Audio


ARM Developer Day @ RIT


Companies participating include: ARM, Keil, Texas Instruments, Freescale, Cypress Semiconductors, Microsemi, QNX, NXP, Xilinx, Avnet, Mathworks, Element14 and last but not least, the Raspberry Pi Foundation. As a matter of fact, there were Raspberry Pi workshops every day leading up to the event. These workshops were given by Tech Evangelist Rob Bishop at different venues throughout Rochester school district, at hacker spaces, with student organizations, and at the 3rd ARM Developer Day. They concluded on Saturday December 1st with another set of workshops and with the 24 hour hackaton in the Random Hacks of Kindness Global event.

This annual event gives an opportunity to students and faculty to learn about new technology, open source platforms, and innovation. In addition, it is a fantastic opportunity for students to network with other students and companies in search for co-ops or full time positions.

During the event, ARM University Program Manager Joe Bungo announced the second student design contest on Energy Efficient projects that will culminate at the Imagine RIT festival. Students will showcase their ideas to a possible audience of more than 30,000 quests, who will participate in the selection of the best student project.