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Message from the Department Chair

James Lee

James Lee

Welcome to the department of Electrical, Computer, and Telecommunications Engineering Technology, ECTET. I am happy to welcome you to our website and am confident you will find our programs engaging, challenging, and rewarding.

ECTET provides rigorous academics that prepare our graduates to be successful engineers in a highly technical world. With a faculty committed to excellence, each undergraduate program provides a significant theoretical foundation coupled with extensive hands on experiences throughout the curriculum. Mathematics and the physical sciences are introduced in a just-in-time fashion while technical courses are incorporated into every semester of the five-year program.

Students are introduced to the excitement of engineering in their very first semester with copious laboratory exercises in multiple courses. Progressing through the curriculum, projects become larger and design experiences more intense. By the fifth year of the program, students participate in extensive, project-based, laboratory work as they ready themselves to be solid engineers in technically challenging careers.

Cooperative educational work experience is a hallmark of an RIT education and a centerpiece of the ECTET curriculum. Each ECTET undergraduate program includes 12 months of cooperative work experience during the student’s final three years in the program. Students work as paid engineers at a sponsor company under the supervision of an experienced engineer. While on coop, students are not required to pay tuition.

Opportunities abound for the students of ECTET. An engaging, relevant, and technologically challenging curriculum provides the foundation to launch a career that is limited only by one’s imagination. With the added possibility of undergraduate research, study abroad, and international cooperative education experiences, each student is inspired to grow, learn, and be challenged. If you desire to excel in computer systems design, audio system, power and energy, telecommunications, or other high technology field, please take a close look the ECTET program.

Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us for more information.

Kind Regards,

James H. Lee PhD, PE