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CET Centers and Colloboratories

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CET Centers and Colloboratories

Firmly anchored in all our disciplines, corporate relationships allow us to continue to offer our students invaluable opportunities to compliment their academic experiences while affording our faculty cutting edge research options. The College of Engineering Technology and RIT collaborates with industry leaders in many different ways. Some examples include:

American Packaging Corporation Center for Packaging Innovation

The American Packaging Corporation Center for Packaging Innovation is a research and education facility equipped to perform structural, morphological and performance investigations on packaging material, plastics and polymers. The type of processing changes a plastic undergoes during polymerization, molding, orientation, printing, coating, laminating and sterilizing etc., is also analyzed.

The lab is staffed by faculty and graduate students from a wide range of RIT’s nationally recognized degree programs including packaging, polymer chemistry, material science, mechanical engineering and printing. Expertise across the college and university provide the Center a mulit-talented team to work on research projects, as well as with experts in specific areas to solve industry problems.

Collaboratory for Resiliency and Recovery (CRR) 

The goal of the Collaboratory for Resiliency and Recovery (CRR) is to provide integrated information and decision support capabilities to private, public, and government entities. Through integrating resiliency principles, decision support technology, and incident response capabilities, the CRR will increase a community’s ability to prepare, respond, and recover from disasters. The mission is to provide communities with the highest level of all-hazards information analysis, fusion, and response support to maximize the resiliency of communities against catastrophic events, disasters, and other emergencies.  Please visit the CRR website for more information -

The Center for Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly (CEMA)

is an academic research lab within the college offering the electronics packaging industry research services, failure analysis, training, process development, consulting and laboratory rental.

CEMA's mission is to be a quick turnaround, value added, electronics packaging services to companies and to enhance the performance of our partners through focused training and applies research.

For more information, please visit the CEMA website

The Center for Sustainable Packaging

The Center for Sustainable Packaging(CSP) at RIT was created to be the premier resource for food and grocery manufacturers and retailers dedicated to utilizing sustainable packaging to deliver value to their customers. Through this work, it will support the education and development of a new generation of packaging professionals capable of extending and sustaining these efforts far beyond the reach of our organization.  For more information, please visit the CSP website

New York Wine and Culinary Center

New York state wines, food and agriculture - along with RIT - share the center stage in a collaboration launched fall 2005 involving the College of Engineering Technology, Constellation Brands, Wegmans, and the New York Wine and Grape Foundation.

The two-story, 19,000-square-foot facility is located on three acres that overlook Canandaigua Lake in Ontario County, N.Y. This facility provides a beautiful and well appointed setting to educate consumers about New York wines and foods, while also offering training for employees in the food, wine, hospitality, health, and nutrition industries. The center attracts an estimated 100,000 visitors each year and is a vital force in the state's economy, fostering job creation and retention in hospitality-related industries.

The center includes classroom space, a 50-seat, theater-style demonstration kitchen, a hands-on training kitchen, a wine tasting room, an exhibit hall, a retail center, a private dining room, and an outdoor garden. Given the synergy and collaboration found at the center, the New York Wine and Grape Foundation has relocated its headquarters and administrative offices from Penn Yan, N.Y., to the center.

For more information, visit the Culinary Center's web site.

RIT and Rochester General Health System

Under the umbrella of a new strategic alliance, RIT is Rochester General Health System’s (RGHS) official academic affiliate and RGHS is the university’s official affiliated medical center.

As technology continues to transform biomedical science, academic areas like computing and information sciences and digital imaging offer increasing relevance to future advancements in medicine. RIT and RGHS will collaborate on education and research programs in these and other key areas - a collaboration that will include mutual access to each institution’s expertise and facilities. Areas of collaboration include engineering, microsystems, medical imaging and medical device research.

Hospitality, Tourism and Nutrition Management and Dove Chocolate

The college’s Hospitality and Tourism Department partnered with industry-leader Dove Chocolate on a project in which our students worked closely alongside company professionals in new product development!


The college’s commitment to sustainability and high performance has afforded our faculty the ability to continue to take the lead in many government-funded projects that help explore more ways to make our world a better, safer and cleaner place to live.