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Dr. Changfeng GE, Ph. D.

Dr. Changfeng Ge

Dr Ge is director of American Packaging Corporation Center for Packaging innovation at RIT. Since joining at RIT in 2005, Dr Ge has published more than 20 peer reviewed journal papers, 15 papers on conference proceedings, 2 text books, 1 book chapter , as well as 2  patents. Major funded research projects Dr Ge and his team conducted at RIT are listed as follows:

Protective packaging for NASA’ EVA on the Moon

Flexible foam packaging was to investigate the capabilities of foam cushioning materials to protect critical hardware used in Extravehicular Activity (EVA) on the lunar surface. The project involved developing and evaluating unique material performance under extreme environmental conditions. External temperatures on the surface of the moon range from -55 to 75 deg C (-67 to 167 deg F).


  ( Foam with negative Poisson’s ratio) (Foam’s  cell structure)                  ( Application)

Protective packaging for daguerreotype photographs

Dr Ge partnered with the George Eastman House, in Rochester, NY, on a project funded by a "Save American Treasures" federal grant program. The goal was to develop an archival storage and protection system for 4,500 daguerreotype photographs that  require protection against oxygen, moisture, UV light and abrasion.

with plates  

                ( Storage system)                                                            ( Application)                                                                                   

Pak-Track system

 The patented and trade marked Pak-Track system is designed to wirelessly record and report information in real time about individually packaged products during transit. The system allows the user to immediately view the data such as shock, vibration, temperature and humidity and  drop height, with a Global Positioning System (GPS) location via a secured website or Android tablet.

(High Level Architecture Framework of Pak-Track system)                           (Pak-Track device)

Sustainable packaging containing biomass

Dr Ge’s recent research has been focused on blending biomass  into polymer to produce sustainable packaging materials. Partnering with Cedar Creek Products & Technologies, Inc,.Rochester, NY. Dr Ge and his team successfully developed starch foam and rigid packaging containing  biomass from the 2nd Generation Cellulosic Ethanol Production.

                    (LDPE/biomass Sample)                                             (Starch foam containing 40wt% biomass)

In addition to the funded research projects, modeling and prediction of the packaging performance has been Dr Ge’s long term research interest, such as numerical simulation of the heat transition in a foam container for pharmaceutical products.


(Temperature logger in a foam packaging with Phace                                (Numerail modeling)

Changing Materials (PCM))