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John Everett

Criminal Justice
Horseheads, NY

Freshmen year of ROTC provides the mental and physical starting point that will shape our experiences and roles in both ROTC and as Army Officers.  We have developed our leadership philosophy, learned what leadership characteristics make for a good officer, and the strong bond that existed between all military personnel. We have been tested on our knowledge of the Soldier’s Creed, the eight steps of the TLP, our ability in map reading, our physical fitness through an Army Physical Fitness Test, (APFT), and the customs and courtesies in the military. Being in ROTC provided for me a large but close group of friends as well as “Army Strong” support for all of the new challenges that I faced as a college freshmen.  I tried to take part in all of the experiences offered to cadets including trying out for Ranger Challenge, being a part of Ranger Platoon, joining Persing Rifles, going to the Rifle Club events, and getting to know my fellow cadets better through non-ROTC events.  ROTC provides the knowledge and means to overcome the challenges that all cadets will face in their lives, both in military and civilian life.