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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Baja SAE team has won international competitions.


As a collaborative community, the College of Engineering Technology (CET) will be a leader in innovative, interdisciplinary, and international career-focused education; experiential learning; applied research; and scholarship.  We will apply our unique values to undergraduate and graduate programs in technology, service, and applied science, preparing individuals to thrive in and contribute to an ever-changing global society.


Through an education rooted in technology-based applications, CET prepares students to become successful professionals within a global society. CET leverages this through its:

  1. Faculty’s broad academic and industrial expertise that provides students with an educational experience rich in theory, enhanced by scholarship, and reinforced with meaningful application-based learning;
  2. Responsiveness to industry needs and global opportunities through incubation and implementation of innovative programs;
  3. Student-centered teaching that emphasizes: a) innovative, engaging, and challenging coursework; b) intellectually vibrant instruction; c) project-based learning; d) practical team interactions; e) student-industry cooperative experiences; and f) industrial, government, and academic partnerships that prepare students for immediate career success;
  4. Proactive and adaptive service systems that provide students with a flexible yet solid learning infrastructure;
  5. Leadership in global outreach development through engagement with industries, regions, and countries that advance our educational mission.

Core Values

BalanceWe value the balance among teaching, scholarly activities, and service that capitalizes on the strengths and interests of the individual. 
Experiential LearningWe embrace the philosophy and principles of experiential learning through the application of theoretical knowledge. 
InnovationWe embrace and encourage innovative curricula, teaching techniques, student discovery, entrepreneurial activities, and international outreach. 
CollaborationWe pursue partnerships with industry, government, education, and alumni. 
Student-centerednessWe promote a student-focused environment through personal and professional interactions among students, faculty and staff. 
DiversityWe recognize and embrace individual diversity. We are an inclusive community of scholars. 
TraditionWe embrace the tradition of career- focused education and core values of RIT; through the integrity of our curriculum and instruction, we instill these values in our students.