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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education And Career Placement

Students in MMET are required to complete a cooperative educational experience as part of their course of study. Students have worked all over the United States and in many foreign countries on projects with meaningful results for the employers.

"RIT has the fourth oldest and one of the largest cooperative education programs in the world."

Student Spotlight: Yessena Brown
"I know I will do well and succeed in any field I choose..."

R.I.T Cooperative Education and Career Services

Experience Pays


Engineering Technology Programs

(BS) $57,000 (average) - $86,000 (max)

MS Program - $67,000 (average)

Coop pay is typically $10 - $33 (average $17) per hour



Coop Education Schedule - MMET

Tools for your future

There's no doubt about it, co-op is one of the most valuable experiences you'll have during your college years. Experience in your field, confidence in your abilities and skills, poise in job interviews, self-reliance that comes from living on your own and learning how to network-all these experiences, will prove invaluable as you advance through your career.


Who Hires Our Students

Some recent co-op and permanent employers
•Boeing Company
•Boston Scientific
•Cherry Aerospace
•Corning Inc.
•Crossman Airguns
•Cummins Engine Co Inc.
•Dresser Rand
•Fisher Price
•Ford Motor Company
•General Dynamics
•General Electric Gas Turbines
•General Motors Corp.
•Goulds Pumps - ITT Industries
•Harley Davidson Motor Co.
•Honda R&D Americas Inc.
•Tesla Motors
•Lockheed Martin
•Pratt & Whitney
•Remington Arms
•Robert Bosch Corp.
•Toyota Motor Eng. & Mfg.
•United Technologies Corp.
•Viking Yachts Company
•Walt Disney World
•Welch Allyn Inc.
•Wheel to Wheel
•Zippo Manufacturing Co.
•IEC Electronics

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