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Clubs & Activities

RIT Mini Baja

baja club

"R.I.T's Team Mini Baja is a student organization in which an all-terrain vehicle is designed and constructed. This collegiate design competition, sponsored by SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers, involves over a hundred different colleges and universities competing in three nation wide events. The 2000 events will be held in Kansas, Montreal, and Milwaukee. This competition closely simulates the industrial design and development process. The main objectives for the colleges and universities are to design, fabricate, and race in a one-person all-terrain vehicle. However, in order to participate, your team's car must meet a specific criterion."

RIT Student Branch of ASHRAE


"This student branch is affiliated with the Rochester, New York Chapter of ASHRAE. The RIT branch was founded in 1977 when the Bachelor of Technology program in Energy Engineering Technology was established in the then Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology. During these years the student branch has united students interested in perusing careers in HVAC and related areas. Many of the alumni and alumnae of the student branch are now successful participants in the HVAC industry. Several have risen to become officers in the Society."

RIT Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)


"Student Chapter 18 of SME, chartered in December of 1957, is located on the main Henrietta Campus ofthe Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, New York. Our faculty advisor is Professor Gennaro from the Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Student Chapter 18 of SME provides students with opportunities to meet industrial contacts, to compete against other student chapters in contests and also it provides a chance for those in industry to see just how good an RIT education is."

RIT Model Railroad Club (MRC)

The RIT Model Railroad Club was founded in 1996 to promote the hobby of model railroading and to preserve the history of Rochester's railroad service.