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Minors & Certificates


Students in Packaging Science Bachelor of Science Programs can complete a minor as part of their program of study.

For example:

  1. Major in Packaging Science and Minor in Entrepreneurship
  2. Major in Packaging Science and Minor in International Business
  3. Major in Packaging Science and Minor in Sustainable Product Development
  4. Major in Packaging Science and Minor in Spanish Language and Culture


Click here for a complete list of minors at RIT.

Flexible Packaging Minor

The flexible packaging minor addresss flexible containment systems, one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging materials industry. The manufacturing and use of flexible containment systems requires specific expertise and knowledge of appropriate technology for implementation. Flexible pouches and containment systems are considered more sustainable for replacing glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, and metal cans. They use materials more efficiently and reduce the weight and costs associated with physical distribution activities.

Students learn about the sustainability performance of flexible packaging by studying product lifecycle from a societal, environmental, and economic impact as they design and manufacture more environmentally friendly flexible container systems. The minor enhances employment opportunities in industries such as consumer goods, health care, and the various food industries. Students with interests in engineering, engineering technology, printing, manufacturing and safety, product marketing, industrial design, logistics, and other related fields can benefit from the minor. This minor is closed to student enrolled in the packaging science major.

Required Courses
MAAT-256 Principles of Printing
MAAT-558 Package Printing
PACK-560 Converting and Flexible Packaging
Choose two of the following
   MAAT-357    Color Manangement Systems
   MAAT-361    Digital Printing
   MAAT-367    Image Processing Workflow
   MAAT-368    Gravure and Flexographic Printing
   MAAT-376    Offset Printing
   PACK-211    Packaging Metals and Plastics
   PACK-430    Packaging Regulations
   PACK-530    Packaging Sustainability and the Environment
   PACK-550    Packaging Machinery