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Recent Scholarly Work

Recent Scholarly Works

Below you will find a sample of some of the more recent scholarly works from our prestigious faculty in the Department of Packaging Science. Click Here for more complete list of faculty scholarship

Changfeng Ge, Ph.d. Assistant Professor

"Application Of Wikis With Scaffolding Structure In Laboratory Reporting." American Journal of Engineering Education 3. 2 (2012): 89-104. Web (Journal Paper)

"Microwave Susceptor Food Packaging." Gao, Lu, Changfeng Ge, and Jennifer Schneider. Journal of Applied Packaging Research 6. 3 (2012): 149-163. Print.(Journal Paper)

"Package Structural & Mechanism Design with SolidWorks." US: SDC Publication, 2011. Print. (Full Length Book)

"Adding a High Barrier Shrink Film to a PET bottle - An alternative way to enhance the barrier properties of a PET bottle" International polyolefin conference and flexible packaging conference, 2008 (paper/presentation/poster)

"Improving LLDPE film properties by adding potassium sorbate for food packaging" IAPRI World conference on Packaging, June 2008 (paper/presentation/poster)

Moisture barrier evaluation for Nutra NFG (Evaluation/case study)

Daniel Goodwin, Ph.d. Professor

"Clamp Truck Handling Simulation in the Laboratory Environment with a Horizontal Compression Tester." Proceedings of the 18th IAPRI World Packaging Conference, 17 - 21 June 2012, California Polytechnic State University (published conference proceedings)

"Protective Package Development", draft of 10 chapters, under review by editor (Book chapter/monograph)

"Determine Natural Frequencies of Stacked Corrugated Boxes Using a Roving Hammer." Goodwin, Daniel and Changfeng Ge. Journal of Applied Packaging Research 5. 2 (2011): 145-156. Print.(Journal Paper)

"An Experimental Comparison of Compression Strength: Regular Slotted Containers, Bliss Cases and Wrap-around Boxes", IAPRI World Conference on Packaging, 2008 (paper/presentation/poster)

ASTM D-10 Committee on Packaging (Technical standard)

Karen Proctor, Professor

"Responsible Packaging by Design." RIT Chapter 918 of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Regional Conference, March 2012. Institute of Industrial Engineers. Rochester, NY. 24 Mar. 2012. (Invited Presentations/Keynotes)

"ISTA Responsible Packaging by Design." 1 ed. East Lansing, MI: ISTA, 2012.Proctor, Ed Church, Joan Pierce, Jane Bickerstaff, Larry Dull, and Karen. (Publications/Full Length Book)

K. Khana Mokwena Nthoiwa, Ph.d.

"Ethylene vinyl alcohol: review of barrier properties for packaging shelf stable foods." Khana, Mokwena (Nthoiwa) and Juming Tang. Critical Review in Food Science and Nutrition 52. 7 (2012): 640-650. Web. (Journal Paper)

"Phytochemical screening and antioxidant activity of Cardiospermum corindum L Faux Persil from Botswana." Daniel, Motlhanka, and Nthoiwa, Khana. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Opinion 2. 11 (2012): 184-487. Web. (Journal Paper