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Prospective Faculty & Staff

Our students built a concrete canoe!

Faculty and staff success in the College of Engineering Technology will always remain a high priority as well as an integral part of our culture here at RIT.  We embrace—and celebrate—the many aspects of life in an academic setting and are all deeply committed to our faculty’s and staff’s success.  To explore employment opportunities in the College of Engineering Technology, we invite you to visit:

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Prospective Hires

From the day you begin your teaching career at RIT, we want you to enjoy the best possible experience with our college and the university!  We have taken deliberate steps to support your success by providing thoughtful guidance that will enable you to:

1. Embrace institutional and college values and culture

Understanding what drives the university—and our college—will not only help with a smooth transition into our community, but provide the basis for our approach to teaching at RIT and only prove to be a most fulfilling and rewarding experience.  By embracing RIT’s fundamental values and its rich and diverse culture, you will be well-prepared to enjoy an outstanding academic environment while enhancing your experience as a teacher at the university.

2. Integrate with the academic and professional communities

Take advantage of numerous university-wide opportunities to meet and network with your peers and others, not only within the RIT community, but with our local communities and corporate partners through various events and initiatives.

3. Benefit from clear direction about scholarship, teaching and expectations

Working with a faculty mentor and meeting with college leadership, the college will support a smooth and beneficial transition to your new position.  We will work diligently to establish a strong relationship with you.  Above all, we will always provide you with clear direction in areas of culture and values, teaching, scholarship, and service. 

4. Understand the many benefits (ie., financial and professional) available to you as new faculty and staff

RIT’s Human Resources Department uses a process called “On-Boarding” that will help you become acclimated with our academic community.  During On-Boarding, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with people from many areas of the university including, but not limited to:

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll and Benefits
  • Our retirement plan administrators
  • College leadership 

Of particular importance you will also learn more about generous educational opportunities and benefits available to RIT faculty and their families. 

You will work with dedicated staff to manage various logistics such as setting up payroll accounts, completing necessary forms and employment documentation, as well as enrolling in various benefit programs.  You can learn more about the options available to you by visiting RIT's Finance & Administration Human Resources or by contacting the Human Resources Department directly at:


Voice: (585) 475-2424

Fax: (585) 475-7170


5. Practice an appropriate work-life balance.

  • The college encourages all faculty and staff to strike the appropriate work-life balance, as we deem it critical not only to your success but to the college’s as well.  When you are part of our “family,” know that we are mindful and respectful of the demands of your personal family life.  We want to assure our employees that they can depend on their work environments to be warm and welcoming and provide the support and flexibility when needed.     
  • Moving through the On-Boarding process, we trust you will also want to explore your new surroundings!  Rochester offers something for everyone!  Rich in history and culture, Rochester will prove to be a wonderful new city to call “home” by you and your family.  For more information visit