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Prospective Students

Our Baja SAE team has won international competitions.
Student Spotlight:
Brianne Martin
My program has been both challenging and rewarding; preparing me well for a future career in my field by providing me with a solid foundation to succeed.

Welcome to the College of Engineering Technology at RIT! We are delighted that you are taking a closer look at our college and aim to provide as much information as we can to best help you maneuver through all the “college-bound” processes!

We appreciate that it can sometimes be quite overwhelming when you are making decisions that will impact the rest of your life, but we also believe it is a very exciting and rewarding experience as you map out your career and your future. Above all, know that we are always here to help, in any way we can, every step of the way!

In our college, you’ll find innovative, cutting-edge program and degree options that will inspire you to learn and enable you to flourish in our dynamic environment. Our academic portfolio offered is filled with options that will surely help set you apart in the marketplace upon graduation! We’ve worked hard to refine and redesign our academic offerings so that you will be highly sought after for employment—both for co-op opportunities while you are in school and upon graduation! We have been very careful in assuring our degree options and program requirements will best support your success—now and in the future! We’ve thought ahead for you and are going to make sure you leave RIT poised for only life’s best!

You’ll also find passionate, world-renowned faculty who are committed to your success in our college! Our faculty is here for you—whether you work alongside them on innovative research, seek their input on your work, or just drop by their office for a casual chat, our faculty remains fully dedicated to our students and our college’s community.

Clubs, Organizations and Activities

Along with student organizations available at the university level, the College of Engineering Technology also offers a variety of student focused clubs, organizations and activities for you to consider getting involved in! Many of our student clubs allow you to apply directly what you learn in the classroom to projects and activities with your classmates in fun, relaxed settings. Listed below are some of the college’s student clubs:

More Information

Our friendly, student-focused academic advisors and support staff remain the anchor of our day-to-day operations—working hard behind the scenes to help provide you the best experience while you are in our charge. Your parents and families can rest assured that you will always be helped with any issue here in the college—no matter how big or small and if we can’t resolve it for you, we’ll make sure you are directed to the appropriate resources. A wealth of helpful information is readily available to RIT students.

For information about RIT and becoming a student here, we invite you to visit RIT Undergraduate Admissions. You’ll find what you need to join us! Thank you for considering the College of Engineering Technology at RIT!

If you have specific questions regarding the college or any of our programs, please contact us at: or directly through any of our departments.