The Department of Service Systems provides students with experiential learning designed to provide the skills and knowledge base required for the student to be successful in their chosen profession

Our vision is to conduct research and engage with business and industry to determine competencies needed for our graduates, and bring that knowledge and experience into the classroom.

BS in Applied Technical Leadership

The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Technical Leadership (ATL) is an on-line program for sutdents with prior education in technical or public service fields that are seeking leadership development for a more fulfilling career. The skills learned within the program will provide concepts and theory that can be applied to the job immediately. The program provides flexibility to work around a work and home life schedule. This degree will benefit the student's education and enable career expansion.

MS in Human Resource Development

Advancing human potential is the heart of workplace development.  RIT’s graduate degree in Human Resource Development (HRD) is an innovative program that ensures you will be proficient in the critical competencies the organization needs to build a dynamic workforce that leverages the talents of individuals and teams throughout the workplace. The program recognizes global learning practices and teaches students how to create an innovative culture that maximizes performance within the organization, and around the world.

MS in Service Leadership & Innovation

The global economy requires visionary leadership, a 360 degree view of customers and innovative strategies. The Service leadership and Innovation (SLI) graduate program prepares professionals to transform their organizations, reducing complex problems into manageable segments and providing measurable solutions built with the use of analytics and system design.  Our graduates are capable of looking into the future and seeing opportunities that escape others. They are positioned to take their organizations, and themselves, to new levels of success in a constantly changing world.