Flexible schedules accommodate earning your degree at your pace.


Full-Time Graduate Students

Approximately 50% of our graduate students pursue their studies full time. This means students take at least 3, 3 credit courses to be considered full time. Our degree programs require 11, 3 credit courses and courses are offered three terms per year, fall, spring and summer.  Generally full time students start in the fall semester however the programs schedule can accommodate students starting in the spring semester as long as the students have flexibility to take an on-line class as part of their class load.

Degree Timeline

Depending on how quickly students wish to move through the academic program full time students could complete their degree in four terms or a year and four months. The variable is if students wish to take classes during the summer term or the more traditional fall and spring semester.

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Part-Time Graduate Students

50% of our graduate students pursue graduate studies part time usually taking 3-6 credits per term (6 credits are necessary for applying to receive financial aid).  Often students who take part time studies are working full time and the part time schedule accommodates a work life, family time and going to school. Part-time students can generally start their program in either fall or spring semester.

Degree Timeline

Part time students typically take 3 or 6 credits per term.  As the degree programs require 11, 3 credit classes’ part time students may take as long as four years to complete their studies.  For those who wish to go to school during the summer term and/ or to take 6 credits per term the time to degree is reduced to approximately 2 years.

Course Schedules

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To accommodate adult learners and allow for degree acceleration the department offers many courses using a variety of schedules adjusted to allow students to take classes at an accelerated pace. Typically college classes are offered over a 14 week fall or spring semester or 12 week summer term.  Accelerated classes are offered on-line, over seven weeks, with another seven week class offered mid-semester.  This schedule allows students to take two courses per term, one at a time.  Another option is classes, typically during the summer term, offered in a 40 hour classroom format, meeting on campus Monday through Friday, nine to five, allowing for the class to be completed in approximately one week full time study, beginning and ending on-line with reading assignments and project due dates.  These and other variations for course schedules will be explained to students when they enroll in the program.  Students may chose this option or take classes at a more traditional pace.

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