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Management of environmental, health and safety issues has changed significantly in the past twenty years. The emergence of voluntary standards and codes of conduct, including international standards, coupled with the need to manage costs and limited resources has resulted in a trend to move beyond regulatory compliance. Now, companies work toward sustainability through the use of integrated environmental, health and safety management systems, which are woven into key business processes.

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Physical assets can represent a significant financial investment for an organization. Careful attention must be paid to the sustainable life cycle of these facilities. Competent facility managers keep these valuable assets performing in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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The MS in manufacturing and mechanical systems integration is an interdisciplinary degree designed for individuals who wish to achieve competence in mechanical or manufacturing engineering through an applied course of study. The program includes courses in engineering, business practices, and management functions found in many manufacturing enterprises.

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The MS degree in packaging science is designed to educate packaging professionals to become experts in the packaging development process. Students learn how to select raw materials, design, and create packaging to withstand environmental hazards during transportation, and to create aesthetically pleasing packages to pique consumer interest. Through a combination of theoretical and application-focused learning experiences, students gain comprehensive knowledge related to packaging design, package testing, product marketing, project management, and quality control.

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This program is transitioning to the College of Engineering Technology, to be completed on July 1, 2019. The MS program in print media offers students an opportunity to explore new areas of research in the graphic communications field. The program's faculty and curriculum focus on establishing quality and efficiencies pertaining to business, technology, and processes in graphic communications. Recent student research includes 3D printing quality analysis, consumer preferences for printed textiles, user experience in digital publishing, and implementation of lean techniques in printing. Our faculty are experts in many different areas, including print, business, color management, web and IT, digital publishing, imaging, and typography. Students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience by working with faculty as graduate assistants either in the classroom or assisting with faculty research. Graduates are employed as industry leaders in advertising, publishing, business operations, communication processes, and product developments.

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The telecommunications industry has driven technological innovation and provided outstanding career opportunities for people with the right technical and leadership skills. New services offered through the internet, mobility via wireless technology, and extreme capacity created by fiber optics, as well as the evolution of policy and regulation, are shaping the telecommunication network of the future. The MS in telecommunications engineering technology focuses on developing an advanced level of skill and knowledge needed by future leaders in the industry. This program is designed for individuals who seek advancement into managerial roles in the dynamic telecommunications environment.

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Senior leaders in the most successful businesses agree that leveraging the human capital of an organization is vital to survival in today’s competitive business climate. This requires businesses to align employee development plans with strategy and provide targeted learning experiences to ensure they equip their workforce to perform at the peak of their capability, attract the best and brightest candidates, and retain the most qualified employees.

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