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Being a student is often times incredibly demanding, however, being dedicated and hardworking should never interfere with one’s physical and mental health. It is not uncommon that stressful events such as final projects, presentations and exams, trigger headaches, low energy and colds. This is why it is heavily encouraged for students to visit the Student Health Center when they need medical care or advice.

The Student Health Center is housed in the August Center, which was built as part of the original campus when RIT it moved to Henrietta in 1968. Before the Henrietta campus opened, RIT students who needed treatment would visit the Counseling and Health Center located at Livingston Park in Downtown Rochester. It was established with the purpose of providing personal and career counseling to students, but the August Center has evolved to offer many more services. The Student Health Center has physicians, nurse practitioners and a physician assistant who are available to provide help regarding any type of health issue that you may experience. RIT also has psychiatrists on campus that also offer counseling, treatment and aid in mental health issues.

It is incredibly important to speak up and stop by the Student Health Center if you think you need help. Thousands of students have been helped at the August Center throughout the decades and the staff there works hard to keep students healthy at RIT! For a list of all the services offered, ranging from checkups to STD treatment to immunizations, learn more at


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