Brick City Homecoming-President's Ball/Alumni Reunion

RIT holds its alumni in an incredibly special place in their heart. It recognizes that without the collaborative efforts its graduated students have dedicated to the betterment of the school for future generations, we wouldn’t be where we are today. This is why, for alumni, there is no shortage of events during Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend meant to rekindle your tiger pride, regardless of how involved you were as a student. 

One of RIT’s biggest traditions are its class reunions. The first official class reunion took place in 1958, commemorating the 50th year since the Class of 1908 had graduated. Today we celebrate many of these reunions at the President’s Ball. According to the RIT Archives Collections, “The Presidents' Alumni Ball was launched in 2006 to mark Al Simone's final year as president of RIT. It has always been hosted in conjunction with Brick City Homecoming, and in the past two years, to highlight the Alumni Association's leadership role, it is co-hosted by President Bill Destler and Kathleen Anderson, President of the RIT Alumni Association.” During the event, the Outstanding Alumni Award and the Volunteer of the Year Award are presented to alumni that have earned RIT’s recognition as an example to follow.

Today, the Alumni Association continues to engage over 100,000 alumni and works actively to bridge relationships between alumni and active students year-round. If you already have a ticket for the President’s Ball this Friday, remember to have fun and enjoy the performances and the great food. If you missed out this year, don’t forget to mark your calendar for next year’s event. And if you know anybody that graduated from RIT in 1967, kindly remind them that next year will be 50 years since they have graduated as a Tiger and they should look into coming back to town for their class reunion!


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