Center for Microelectronics and Microsystems

Engineering Hall was built alongside James Gleason Hall to serve as a home for growing programs such as the Microelectronic Engineering Program. A study done at RIT, founded by Texas Instruments, in 1980 found that the nation was lacking engineers who were properly trained and qualified for the growing semiconductor industry. The Microelectronic Engineering Program began in 1982, the first of its kind, to meet the needs of the industry and properly train RIT students. It became accredited in 1985, becoming a larger program than there was room for. The Center for Microelectronics and Microsystems was built to support this growing undergraduate program and provide top facilities for student education. It contains facilities such as the Microelectronics Test and Characterization Lab as well as the Semiconductor and Microsystems Fabrication Lab. Now, RIT maintains a learning environment in which students can combine disciplines of imaging science, electrical engineering and more.


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